Fundamental values
Our consultancy services are founded on seven fundamental principles.


Wüest Partner is an independent company in every respect. Besides financial independence, great importance is attached to our own freedom of judgement: while the views and feedback offered by our clients are always respected, Wüest Partner's opinions are consistently based on its own independent analyses and assessments. Moreover, Wüest Partner does not conduct any transactions of its own in the property market, nor does it act as an agent for any particular parties. Its consultancy services are billed solely on a time-spent or fixed-fee basis. Results-based compensation – commission, for example – is excluded.

Operational focus

Wüest Partner deliberately restricts its activities to the fields of the property and construction markets, together with all related strategic and development-related topics. Wüest Partner's core business is advising clients who invest in, manage, develop or finance properties, land and locations. It offers particular expertise in the systematic, data-based analysis and valuation of these properties and sites based on an integrated approach. The company's decades-long experience, as well as its broad, in-depth technical and methodological expertise, are complemented by an intimate knowledge of the relevant markets, players and sectors.

Client orientation

Creating added value for clients is Wüest Partner's number-one priority in all its consultancy and product development activities. Apart from delivering sound, sustainable solutions, we attach great importance to providing comprehensive and fully integrated services. Where requested by clients, Wüest Partner also helps to implement the strategies that have been developed.


Wüest Partner strives to deliver impeccable results across the board. This mission is underpinned by the company's accumulated project experience, its broad knowledge base, a commitment to the continued professional development of its staff, and the progressive refinement of its tools and processes. The clear values and quality standards championed by the company's partners offer a further key source of inspiration.


Wüest Partner adopts a policy of transparency vis-à-vis its clients and the public, especially with regard to its data sources, methods and models. The company bases all its activities on facts. Objectivity is its constant primary aim. Instrumental in this process are our systematically maintained databases and our unstinting efforts to provide clients with access to new data and models to suit their particular activities.


Wüest Partner has achieved a dominant market position in Switzerland. Not least because of its high-level media presence, the company's renown extends well beyond experts in its field: it enjoys a high degree of broad public awareness. Wüest Partner is conscious of its market leadership, and of the economic and social responsibilities that go with it. Analyses of the current state of the market, trends, prospects and forecasts are formulated with the requisite circumspection and caution.

Subject leadership

Wüest Partner not only wishes to maintain its market leadership by means of gradual but constant growth, but also to take a leading role in thematic terms. The partners and senior staff are the main contributors to this process, with their constantly growing specialist expertise. But in the final analysis, innovation and trend recognition are the responsibility of every employee.