Wüest Partner focuses its activities on the property and construction markets, together with all related strategic and development-related topics. Its core business is advising clients who invest in, manage, develop or finance properties, land and locations.Apart from delivering sound, sustainable solutions, we attach the greatest importance to providing comprehensive and fully integrated services. 


Wüest Partner is wholly owned by its partners, currently 17 in number, who vouch for the quality, continuity and independenceof its consultancy services. The company’s supreme governing body is the Partners’ Assembly, which decides on all important business and makes all appointments.


With our interdisciplinary team of approximately 190 consultants, we have an impressive skills base and many years of experience on which to build. Our employees cover the disciplines of economics, architecture, information technology and engineering, as well as the social and natural sciences. Teams of consultants based in Switzerland and Germany are backed up by an international network of partner firms and individual specialists withdeep regional roots

Corporate group

Wüest Partner AG, the Swiss parent company, currently has two wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Corporate group

Wüest Partner in Germany

Wüest Partner is represented in Germany in Frankfurt, Berlin and – since April 2017 – in Hamburg. Since it was established in 2007, W&P Immobilienberatung GmbH has been providing the same services in Germany as its parent company in Switzerland.



Datahouse AG has belonged to the Wüest Partner group since 2014. Founded in 2005 as a spin-off ofthe Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, Datahouse specialises in the collection, networking and analysis of data as well as the development of web applications. Its services extend beyond the real estate and construction fields. Its lean project teams guarantee prompt decision-making, a rapid response to changing requirements, and flexible solutions to customers’needs.


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