Systematic data acquisition in the real estate market for over 30 years.


Continuous data procurement via systematic monitoring and analysis of the entire real estate market has always been one of our core competencies.

Data collection

For over 30 years, we have maintained our own databases, which are constantly improved and expanded. Among other things, these include data on yields, real estate prices, supply and demand.

Wüest Indices

The broad range of our property indices includes price indices for the individual segments as well as various performance indices for direct and indirect property investments.

Wüest Reports

You can access much of our data via "Wüest Reports". This includes construction and property prices, location information, location and market ratings and much more.

Transaction data

For more than 20 years, we have been systematically compiling data on the real estate transactions published in Switzerland.

Market and location information

Our location information comprises in-depth, comprehensive information on 13 different topics at the municipality level.


Wüest Partner has developed various ratings, which provide assessments of location qualities at different spatial levels. These are constantly updated.


We constantly monitor what kind of information offers our clients an added value as a benchmark, and pave the way for including that information into our products in a suitable form.


Our GIS specialists turn spatial-related data into valuable information. With our geodata, point-and-parcel-specific spatial monitoring can be conducted.


With our models, small-scale developments can be illustrated and planning scenarios can be simulated. Valuation and risk models as well as ratings for banks and insurance companies are other focal points.


Reliable data is the basis for good decisions. The continuous data collection via systematic observation and analysis of the entire real estate market has always been one of our core competencies. The extensive databases that date back decades are the foundation of all our activities and also provide you with an informational edge.

Diverse data on the real estate market

Take a ride from Zurich to Geneva, 20 times faster, and observe the changes in residential rents along the way. Where do you pay the most for a rented flat? Where can you still live very cheaply? See for yourself!