Data collection
Reliable data is the basis for good decisions.

Continuous data procurement through systematic observation and analysis of the entire real estate market has always been one of our core competencies. The comprehensive databases date back decades and are the foundation for all our activities and also provide you with an informational edge. Here is an overview of our relevant data:

Real estate prices

  • Asking prices: Full-scale surveys of both print media and the most important Internet platforms comprises approximately 600,000 properties annually in the areas of rented and owner-occupied flats as well as the single-family housing sector.
  • Transaction prices: Annual acquisition of over 20,000 arm's-length transactions in the home-ownership sector and approximately 500 investment property transactions.
  • Leases: Almost 20,000 new leases from rented housing and 2,000 office-space leases are assessed annually.


  • Transactions: Calculation of net and gross initial yields for all of Switzerland and major Swiss centres, based on more than 2,000 monitored transactions.
  • Properties in the portfolio: Analyses of the yields of directly held property portfolios, based on Investment Property Databank (IPD) data.
  • Indirect investments: Calculation of the total return of share certificates for real estate companies (WUPIX-A®), real estate funds (WUPIX-F®) and real estate investment foundations (KGAST-Immo-Index). WUPIX-A® and WUPIX-F® comprise the development of the entire Swiss market for listed indirect real estate investments.

Institutional investors

  • This database contains property-related data on insurances, pension funds, listed real estate companies, listed real estate funds and real estate investment foundations that are overseen by a Swiss federal agency (Federal Social Insurance Office (BSV), Federal Office of Private Insurance (BPV)). Published annual reports and self-declarations made by the investment vehicles are the basis of this data.

Construction activity

  • Background data on the construction projects (building permits, building applications): Data provision from Docu Media Schweiz GmbH. Based on this data, evaluations and calculations of construction volumes and the number of building projects are carried out using our own models.
  • Realized construction investments (new-construction and remodelling investments): Surveys by the Federal Statistical Office. For the residential sector, construction activity is also reported as a number of newly created or reconstructed properties.

Immo-Barometer: Housing preferences

  • Since 2000, Wüest Partner has collaborated with the ‘Neue Zürcher Zeitung’ (NZZ) [New Zurich Newspaper] in conducting the Immo-Barometer survey. Every year, around 1,600 representatively selected households in German- and French-speaking Switzerland are surveyed in detail on their current living situation and any planned changes for the future.

Swiss Federal Statistical Office

  • A series of analyses build upon additional datasets from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. For example, the income and consumption survey data, STATENT company structure statistics, GWR building and housing register, STATPOP population statistics, housing-vacancy count, the pension-fund statistics as well as the Swiss National Accounts are used in the analyses.


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