Especially relevant in the construction and real estate markets.

Sustainability poses new challenges for real estate owners. Among other things, this applies to higher construction costs, increasing technical complexity when building, choosing the correct management concept, the income-costs-yield structures as well as the varying regional and sectoral sensitivities. Wüest Partner has been working with the various developments in the area of real estate sustainability for quite some time.

Key aspects of sustainable real estate development include higher construction costs, the increasing technical complexity of the works, different property management concepts, alternative income/cost/yield structures as well as varying sensitivities according to region and sector.

Sustainability ratings

Our professional DCF valuation software – the ‘Valuation Server’– contains a sustainability rating module and facilitates the acquisition of information on sustainability certificates, GEAK and key energy and water data. Our sustainability rating is based on the methodology specified in Swiss norm SIA 112/1 from 2004. It comprises the three dimensions of sustainability – society, economy and environment – and features a total of 45 individual factors.

In 2009, the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CCRS) at the University of Zurich introduced a valuation methodology – the Economic Sustainability Indicator (ESI) – into the ongoing discussion with the objective of recording and valuating the relevant sustainability aspects of real estate. Within the ESI project organisation, Wüest Partner is a member of the expert group Risk Assessment. We have already gained considerable experience in assessing real estate sustainability according to the ESI system.

Sustainability certificates

We help real estate investors find the right path through the jungle of sustainability labels and advise them on selecting the appropriate label. For our customers who are faced with the question of whether sustainable construction is worthwhile for them from a financial point of view, we analyse the financial added value of a ‘Minergie’ certification.

Furthermore, we have specialists who are accredited to issue GEAK certificates. The GEAK Plus-Tool is available for in-depth consultation on the subject of building modernisation. This includes an expanded and more detailed report on refurbishment measures.

Sustainability standards

The Standard for Sustainable Construction in Switzerland [Standard Nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz – SNBS] covers the building itself and the location within the context of its surroundings. Its aim is to integrate the three dimensions of sustainable construction (society, economy, environment), equally and as comprehensibly as possible, into the design, construction and operation, thus taking the entire lifecycle of a property into consideration.

In cooperation with the planning and consulting firm Ernst Basler + Partner, we have contributed to the development of the economic sector.