Strategy consulting
Value optimisation via strategic management of real estate portfolios.

Wüest Partner offers strategy consulting for real estate investors, companies and public bodies.

Strategies for investors

We advise real estate investors in the areas of portfolio management as well as controlling and benchmarking. We develop customised strategies, taking into account the respective distinctive features of the investors. In the area of real estate benchmarking, we have a long history of collaboration with the IPD – Investment Property Databank. IPD has been operating worldwide since 1985 and has set high standards in performance measurement of directly held real estate. Since 2003, we have jointly published the IPD/Wüest Partner Swiss Real Estate Index. Additionally, we manage comprehensive databases on the following topics:

  • Rental markets for all usage classes
  • Transaction data on investment properties
  • Operating and maintenance costs
  • Refurbishment costs
  • Construction costs

Corporate real estate

We advise corporate management on strategic issues and support real estate managers in operational and organizational matters. Decision-makers are provided with clear facts and expert analyses for the design and organization of their property management. Our consulting services in the corporate sector include:

  • Real estate strategy and development
  • Real estate management and organisation
  • Cost accounting and controlling
  • Support with real estate transactions
  • Real estate valuation and market information

Public real estate

We assist municipalities with the development of a suitable and long-term viable strategy for properties that are financial assets. Our consulting services in the area of public real estate include:

  • Real estate strategies as the basis for autonomous, targeted action
  • Long-term profitable strategies for properties that are financial assets
  • Location analyses and project development
  • Real estate management – road map
  • Specific role models and processes in real estate management
  • Real estate accounting, controlling and real estate information systems
  • Real estate register
  • Spatial management concepts
  • Real estate valuation and portfolio management
  • Real estate analyses and strategies for church communities
  • Municipal collaboration and mergers

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