Appreciation tax

Project/site-related appreciation claculations

Appreciation equalization is an integral part of today's spatial planning. Wüest Partner has developed a special calculation method for determining appreciation: The project/site-related appreciation calculation assesses specific projects, sites and properties. This serves the public sector as a binding, independent basis for the investment of concrete appreciation taxes. Thanks to our proximity to the market and our acceptance by the public sector, our services are also interesting and reliable for investors.

Learn more about appreciation equalization in the autumn issue of Immo-Monitoring 2018 („Die Chancen mit dem Mehrwertausgleich“) or in our blog article on appreciation planning („Wie sich Planungsmehrwerte optimieren lassen“).

Strategic consulting

Wüest Partner creates stock and demand analysesat the strategic level. These allow to quantify the expected demand forbuilding zone areas for the coming years. The additional demand is estimated bycomparing the area of existing building zones with future demand. On this basis, we develop solution strategies to providethe necessary areas and evaluate the potential for densification and conversionwhen necessary.

Model calculations

With our model calculations, we determine the level of appreciationthat the public sector can expect at the municipal or cantonal level in thecoming years due to the creation, upgrading and alteration of building zones.These calculations can be used by the public sector, for example, for revisinglocal planning and budgeting.

Process support, development consulting

Wüest Partner supports investors in the appreciation taxprocess. By means of a holistic view, which considers regional market knowledgeand regulations as well as project-specific characteristics, solutions areevaluated and developed, which are balanced for all parties. We offer ourservices in this area of tension as an independent partner, leading to highacceptance by both the public sector and investors.