Financing and taxation
Calculations and consulting for all types of real estate taxes.

We help our clients navigate through the Swiss federal real estate tax jungle. The following tax issues pertain to properties and are of particular importance for transactions:

  • Property/land tax (levied by approximately half of the Swiss cantons)
  • Property gains tax (relevant in all cantons)
  • Property transfer tax (levied by approximately half of the Swiss cantons)
  • Notary fees and land register charges for property transactions, or for the establishment of easements and mortgage notes
  • Value-added tax (VAT) for so-called ‘opted’ properties
  • Direct personal taxes on real estate income and, in some cases, on real estate profits at the Swiss federal, cantonal, municipal and church levels

Calculation and optimisation of taxes levied on transactions

Taxes play a major role in the real estate sector, particularly with regard to transactions. We advise our clients on the relevant issues, calculate the projected tax implications as well as any deferred tax liabilities that may be transferred to the buyer. Especially in the cases of portfolio transactions and the sale of companies, there is usually a lot of room for improvement, which we identify for our clients.

Investment-costs calculation

In order to determine the amount of property gains taxes, we assist our clients with estimations and assessments, which may be submitted to the tax authorities within the scope of property gains tax declarations. This primarily concerns the production costs of properties, which are often not properly documented by the sellers. In numerous cantons, a historical property value may be selectively calculated instead of the actual production costs; in the canton of Zurich, for example, this is the ‘market value 20 years ago’. We have extensive experience with this type of historical real estate valuation.

Calculation of deferred liquidation taxes

Wüest Partner has developed a web application for calculating differed liquidation taxes. Learn more: Costs Calculator.

Financing and taxation