Relevant market information and many years of experience in highest-quality consulting.

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Comprehensive data bases, interdisciplinary expertise and years of experience are the consulting foundation in all facets of the construction and real estate market.

Real estate development

We create solid foundations for far-reaching decisions and the sustainable development of real estate. Our consultation takes place at every point of the development.

Strategy and management consulting

To optimise value creation in the strategic management of real estate portfolios, we offer you comprehensive analyses of your portfolio and strategic consulting.

Transaction consulting

Wüest Partner has many years of vast experience with the independent support of buyers and sellers in real estate transactions of various types and sizes.

Analyses and studies

We conduct in-depth research on individual issues for you. We provide you with facts and new insights, additional considerations and decision-making support.

GIS analyses

Our geographical-information-system (GIS) specialists transform spatial data into valuable information. With our geographical data, we can carry out point-and-parcel-based spatial observations.

Financing and tax consulting

We help you navigate through the Swiss federal real estate tax jungle and provide calculations and consultation on all relevant forms of taxation and financing.


Wüest Partner has been working on developments in the area of sustainability and real estate for quite some time and employees specialists who are accredited to issue building energy certificates of the cantons (GEAK).


In-depth and graphically high-quality lectures on the construction and real estate market inspire both expert audiences and interested laypeople.

About us
Experts for first-class decision-making bases.

We have been assisting professional real estate companies and investors since 1985. As independent and leading experts, we create the foundation for first-class decision-making. With a wide range of services consisting of data, consulting, valuation, applications and publications, we support our customers domestically and abroad. Our knowledge creates transparency and paves the way for the further development of the real estate industry.

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  • solution-oriented and customised approach
  • competent contact person for each client, at partner or director level


  • Comprehensive data and market information as a basis
  • High standards with regard to objectiveness, traceability and transparency


  • Concentration on real estate, real estate economics and property markets
  • Restricted to consultancy and valuation

Thematic leadership

  • Aspiration for a leading role, also in terms of thematic coverage, through on-going research, publications, presentations and teaching activities