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Sustainability consulting

Sustainability Consulting

Consulting and reporting on sustainability issues

Sustainability issues are highly relevant in the real estate industry. We develop the right sustainability strategies for your real estate. Take advantage of our expertise and advice on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) factors and the preparation of sustainability reports. Or use our applications for this purpose.

With our subsidiary durable, we are predestined to take a strong joint position for innovative solutions around sustainability in the construction and real estate market.

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Wüest Partner promotes innovative solutions for sustainability in the construction and real estate sector. By joining the “Principles for Responsible Investment PRI” initiative, the company is clearly positioning itself for value-oriented corporate governance and the active pursuit of social and environmental issues.

Together with our subsidiary durable, we offer you bundled competencies in the following areas of sustainability strategies:

  • Target agreements
  • Building owner consultation
  • Total energy concepts
  • Building renovation
  • Building physics
  • Acoustics
  • Building ecology and life cycle assessments
  • Teaching and research
  • Commission work and publications.

In cooperation with the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), we have developed the CO2-Calcualtor “PACTA”, with the help of which you can continuously check the extent to which your properties meet the environmental targets

As a real estate owner, check possible renovation strategies with our CO2-Calcualtor and analyze their impact on the ecological footprint of your portfolio. Discover how you can reduce CO2-emissions improve your energy independence and achieve your climate goals and those of the federal government.

Together with our subsidiary dur, we cover the most important labels and standards in the field of sustainability and support you in choosing suitable solutions as well as in certification processes.

We support you in the preparation of cantonal building energy certificates, be it the GEAK or the GEAK Plus. With over 600 GEAK issued, our team of experts is one of the most experienced in Switzerland.

The choice of refurbishment strategy has a decisive influence on whether the investment in energy refurbishment can be covered by additional income.

The focus is on the market value of your property. Important aspects are the passing on of the refurbishment costs to the existing tenants as well as the possibility of being able to generate higher income in the long term due to lower ancillary costs in the event of a change of tenant in the future. Government subsidies often tip the scales. The measures, properly coordinated, guarantee the greatest possible success of your investment.

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