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Wüest Reports

Wüest Reports

Extensive location
and real estate market data


Comprehensive and efficient overview of local real estate markets

Wüest Reports provides access to key figures for municipalities, as well as a comparison with a region or the canton. For the selected region, Wüest Reports summarizes time series on market prices including building land prices for residential and commercial uses, information on Sinus-Geo-Milieus®, differentiated vacancy figures and other relevant key figures.

and data-oriented

The basis of the location information is a database with several million data records that are continuously expanded. This ensures the fact-based analysis of a selected location.
The reports can be queried for various spatial gradations:

  • Community
  • MS Regions
  • Cities
  • Cantons
  • Switzerland

Clear presentation of the relevant key figures

Wüest Reports provides standardized PDF or Excel reports in German, French, Italian and English. The most relevant key figures of the selected real estate market are compactly structured by topic and visualized with graphs and tables. If available, the key figures are enriched with historical time series and prospective outlook.


Start the query directly on the Wüest Reports application.


CHF 700.-

30% Discount on any query


CHF 3000.-

40% Discount on any query


CHF 5000.-

50% Discount on any query

  • For subscriptions, the more extensive the subscription, the greater the discount per individual query.
  • The discount is calculated before each query and displayed directly. The remaining balance is calculated for each query and displayed after the query.
  • There are three subscriptions to choose from.
  • We also offer a flat rate. Contact us for a customized offer.
  • If you only need a single query, you can conveniently pay for it by credit card or PayPal. The price of a single Wüest Report varies.

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