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Valuation & Analytics

Wüest Dimensions

Valuation & Analytics

Business and market intelligence

Digital intelligence paired with expertise

Identify and monitor the key value drivers of your real estate and portfolios with the Wüest Dimensions “Valuation & Analytics” module.
The digital solution, provides key real estate figures, location information and economy insights at any time. 
Electronics, Text, Computer

Intelligent functions

  • Discounted Cash Flow [DCF]
  • Income capitalization approach [EW]
  • Cap rate method [KAP]
  • Residual value method / project valuation
  • Asset value method 

Text, Computer, Electronics

Proven by real estate experts

  • Hedonic models (EWO, EFH) [HED]
  • ImmoWertV
  • Valuation analysis
  • Comparison with reference valuation
  • Comparison with portfolio, attribution analysis

Valuation & Analytics in Wüest Dimensions


Direct comparison of individual and portfolio valuations as well as detailed analysis of deviations from previous year’s valuations.


Create detailed reports with all relevant KPIs in just a few clicks. Share the content with your stakeholders.


Assessment methods and procedures with numerous intelligent components for your efficient, data-based work.

All in one platform
Wüest Dimensions

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