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Real estate ratings

Extensive comparisons of municipal real estate markets.

Using rating methods, we analyze data from different perspectives and prepare comparable data in a structured manner for your investment planning.

Our location and market rating allows all municipalities to be compared using a systematic analysis. We combine data on the quality of the location and the local real estate market into twelve thematic sub-ratings and a rating value.  This enables investors to conduct a reliable value-in-use analysis of each municipality.

A micro-location rating is available for the whole of Switzerland. Based on a GIS location system, the entire settlement area is divided into grids of 25 x 25 meters. This way, each of the approximately 4.9 million grid cells, with 625 square meters each, can be individually assessed. A micro-location rating can be calculated for both residential and commercial areas.

In collaboration with the magazine “Bilanz”, Wüest Partner’s city ranking provides an overview of quality of life in Swiss cities. The cities are evaluated based on eleven criteria, including the labor market, education, security, social affairs and purchasing power.

The international city rating is compiled for 80 major cities worldwide. We also provide a rating for the respective countries. This allows internationally active investors to gather initial indicators for a location and compare major cities with one another.


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