Wüest Visits
An interactive, web-based application that marks a major advance in the digitalisation of the real estate market

Wüest Visits is an interactive, web-based application that takes the digitalisation of the real estate market a big step forward. During property viewings, it allows systematic entry and analysis of key features – such as the condition and standard of a building and the materials used – by means of a fast, intuitive interface. The output is a detailed report modelling the life-cycles of the individual building elements and predicting the probable future maintenance costs.

Wüest Visits offers good compatibility, running on all standard operating systems for mobiles, tablets and computers. Media discontinuities are a thing of the past: owners, property managers, property valuers and analysts can work hand in hand.



  • Enormous time savings for owners, managers, analysts and valuers thanks to an end-to-end digital process.
  • High efficiency achieved by guided processes and intuitive interface.
  • Standardised quality profiles permit objective comparisons.
  • Maximum flexibility due to large building element catalogue.
  • Integral camera function, detailed photo-reporting with character- and image-processing functions.
  • Mobile access to previously entered information, everywhere and at all times.



  • On-site digital entry of materials, standard and condition of building elements together with other value-relevant factors.
  • Camera function integrated in application allows detailed photo-reporting, incl. character and image editing.
  • Capex planning can be performed while on the move.
  • Seamless interfacing with third-party software, e.g. life-cycle, valuation, portfolio analysis and facility management applications. Further interfaces can be added as required.