The interactive web application for location and market analysis.

GeoInfo is an interactive web application for location and real estate market analysis. Based on Google Maps, this app provides direct access to Wüest Partner’s spatial and real estate information. It includes information on real estate advertisements, leases, construction projects, company domiciles, points of interest, etc. GeoInfo also makes it possible to assess the quality of approximately 5 million small-scale residential micro locations.

GeoInfo is available via an annual license. Upon inquiry, we will be happy to make you an offer. The application can be customised and licensed with individual modules; the respective prices depend on the scope of the license, number of users, size of the company and market area.


  • GeoInfo is a geographically based application offering Internet access to real estate market data via web browser.
  • The real estate information can be displayed, filtered and exported by subject type.
  • A wide range of analysis functions is available for location-specific real estate market data.
  • The WUPRIS data on municipalities are now also retrievable in GeoInfo: property prices, location data, locational description, development land prices, location and market rating, localized transaction price index.
  • The standard Google Maps functions are available: address search with Autocomplete, aerial photos, 45° images and maps.
  • The required geographical location is selected by entering an address and search radius or by picking a region (canton, municipality, district etc.).

Development Atlas

The Development Atlas is a nationwide database of Swiss sites that are at least 10,000 m² and currently undergoing a transformation or have the potential for transformation. It contains the most important sites, i.e. those relevant to the development of the respective municipalities and regions, and thus serves as a leading indicator for future construction work and spatial development.

It is constantly being expanded and updated by means of a notification system and automated spatial monitoring.

In combination with our additional location and market data, the Development Atlas provides an interesting basis for systematic analyses – e.g. potential analyses of municipalities and regions for the public sector and promotion of business locations. Possible analyses and concepts include:

  • Development potential analyses of municipalities and regions for the public sector and companies.
  • Market analyses and location-finding for service providers, industrial companies as well as real estate investors.
  • Competition analyses and forecasts.
  • Monitoring of individual sites.
  • Utilisation conception and consulting on site development.

The following details are documented for every site:

  • Original and current designation
  • Address and coordinates
  • Site perimeter (geo-coded polygons)
  • Site area and potential gross floor area
  • Site type and status
  • Present and planned construction zone (according to the harmonized construction zone types of the Federal Office for Spatial Development)
  • Source and Internet link

  • Real estate ads and rental agreements: Exclusive Wüest Partner database of Internet and print-media real estate offers as well as the effectively realized leases (anonymised).
  • Additional supply-and-demand related spatial and real estate information (construction projects, company domiciles, points of interest, etc.).
  • Micro-location rating throughout Switzerland in a 25 x 25 metre grid as well as information on location quality: terrain, view, climate, access, emissions (broadcast systems, high-voltage lines), infrastructure, construction zones and building and housing statistics.
  • Spatial information: Boundary lines of various region types (cantons, municipalities, districts, postal codes, etc.), geographical coordinates of the selected starting position.