Our interactive applications open up new dimensions for you.

By means of both, comprehensive data on market developments and a high method and IT-competency, the company has developed information systems and valuation applications for business clients. These proven products and tools are largely available to customers via the Internet.

Wüest Dimensions

Wüest Dimensions

Wüest Dimensions is an innovative web application, which opens up new dimensions in real estate management and valuations.


Wüest Partner Applications

Our interactive applications open up new dimensions for you. You can find an overview of our applications here.



GeoInfo is an interactive web application for location and real estate market analysis. Based on Google Maps, this app provides direct access to Wüest Partner’s spatial and real estate information.

Project valuation tool

Wüest Insights

Wüest Insights supports you with digital assistants, artificial intelligence, dashboards and efficient analysis options to ensure that you always have your property or mortgage portfolio under control.

Cost calculator

Wüest Appraisal

Property valuation and renovation cost calculator for your customers - optimise your digital presence and gain valuable leads.

Tax Calculator

Wüest LocationSpot

Offer your customers a map-based, interactive location analysis - integrated into your website, your customer service tool or your real estate dossier.

Development Atlas

Wüest Visits

Record property inspections systematically and intuitively. The app that digitizes your property within 30 minutes.

Densification radar

Wüest Reports

Extensive data on the construction and property markets in all Swiss municipalities and districts can be easily accessed with Wüest Reports.