Wüest Partner Scholarship: The 2018 Winner

The Wüest Partner Scholarship for 2018 was awarded to Myra Rotermund.

The paper "The influence of autonomous vehicles on the population distribution between city and periphery: case study Switzerland" deals with the spatial effects of a disruptive technology that has the potential to significantly change the importance of accessibility. Using agent-based microsimulations, the influence that autonomous vehicles could have on the spatial distribution of population is investigated in various scenarios. The research work thus makes an interesting contribution to future spatial planning in Switzerland.

Zurich, 24 October 2018



The Wüest Partner Scholarship is awarded annually and serves to advance the scientific examination of the Swiss real estate market. The scholarship is awarded for outstanding master’s theses as well as research projects by PhD students. Winners receive an endowment of CHF 15'000. 

Subjects and selection criteria

The submitted works must deal with the Swiss real estate market. Particular emphasis is placed on the following criteria:

  • Academic excellence
  • Originality and novelty
  • Practical and scientific relevance
Participants and terms of participation

Graduates students and doctoral candidates whose papers have been submitted within 24 months prior to the respective date (30 April) are eligible to participate. The entire master’s thesis or research work on the Swiss real estate market as well as its abstract, a brief resume as well as an electronic copy of the most-recent academic degree are to be submitted. Applications will be accepted in German, French and English. The minimum academic level is a master’s degree. Wüest Partner Employees are not allowed to participate.

Terms of participation (PDF)

Registration and questions

  • Submission deadline: 30 April of the respective year
  • Registrations are accepted via e-mail.
  • Ms. Anita Galuba will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.
    T +41 44 289 92 17 |
Judging and award ceremony

Wüest Partner experts make a preliminary selection from all the submitted works. Those selected are further evaluated by the following three-person jury:

  • Representative of the scientific community: Professor Dr Pascal Gantenbein, University Basel
  • Real estate economics representative: Dr Daniel Brüllmann, Head Global Real Estate, Switzerland, UBS Global Asset Management
  • Wüest Partner representative: Dr Andreas Bleisch, Wüest Partner AG 


Scholarship winners

2018 I Myra Rotermund I Der Einfluss autonomer Fahrzeuge auf die Bevölkerungsverteilung zwischen Stadt und Peripherie: Fallbeispiel Schweiz
Zur Arbeit (PDF)

2017 I Andreas Hitz und Matthias Hofstetter I Baurechtsbewertung aus Sicht des Grundpfandgläubigers
Zur Management Summary (PDF)

2016 I Rinaldo Meier I Der Ersatzneubau beim Stockwerkeigentum: Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze
Zur Arbeit (PDF)

2015 | Daniela Häcki | Einwanderungen und der Schweizer Immobilienmarkt
Zur Arbeit (PDF)

2015 | Fabienne Helfer | Relation zwischen Immobilienpreisen, Bevölkerungswachstum und Immigration in der Schweiz
Zur Arbeit (PDF) 

2014 | Thomas Stiefel | Sind Schweizer Shoppingcenter bereit für die Zukunft? Architektur und Gestaltung im Spiegel der Megatrends
Zur Arbeit (PDF)

2013 | David Schoch | Produkt- und Preisdifferenzierung über den Ausbaustandard bei Büromietflächen
Zur Arbeit (PDF)

2012 | Kilian Brühlmann | Der Einfluss von Standortfaktoren und Objekteigenschaften auf den Erfolg von Migros-Supermärkten

2011 | Marion Pfister, Vinzenz Zedi und Sandro Zimmermann | Ersatzneubau: Hemmnisse und Anreize
Zur Arbeit (PDF)